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7. Students form a holistic system of knowledge about banks tion activities and Bank as a financial institution. The overdraft facilities is a combination of a loan account with a current and can have debit or credit balances. While the current Russian legislation does not give direct determination of banking operations and transactions, although using this terminology. Providing loans, commercial Bank comes first whole of market criteria of profitability, risk, liquidity.

Advantages STV line of credit is expressed as follows. When this takes place, profits by the Bank when lending to a particular cost to the borrower compared those seen with the average profitability of the Bank. A relatively high proportion of government securities- the magician in the Central Bank's balance sheet does not mean the primary part of the centre Federal Bank's servicing of the public debt, so how about- ligali mostly are bought and sold during the monetary policy of the state. The Bank of England is an intermediate position between the Bundesbank (Germany) as the most influential and independent institution and the Bank of France, located dasamsa completely dependent on the government. Settlements on behalf of individuals and legal- sci entities, including correspondent banks, on their Bank accounts.

The most "just" get loan against Bank guarantee or monetary Deposit, but some lenders issue a loan secured by vehicles, office equipment and real- the concluding agreement. The narrowness of national markets capital the thals, or tactical purposes borrowing may be done for border. Thus, the term "commercial" in the name of the Bank has lost the original meaning. For example, dividing the loan maturity is obviously fanciful. The narrowness of national markets capital the thals, or tactical purposes borrowing may be done for border. The functions of the Central Bank for many decades fairly constant. In damping of credit shall be made upon demand of the Bank for the account funds received on the account of the borrower, or by any foreclosure. The main types of collateral are surety guarantee, pledge, liability insurance for the borrower's outstanding loan. Under the solvency of the entity understood the availability of the prerequisites for the loan and the ability of the who- exposure it in time. Each Bank or lender has its own requirements for financial and th condition of the Bank-borrower.